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Dora Noda

GGslayer, the largest Sui decentralized web3 gaming community, and, a service infra for the developer鈥檚 next billion web3 customers, have announced a partnership that promises to revolutionize the web3 gaming experience.

GGslayer and Partner to Bring Next-Level Gaming Experience to Sui

GGslayer is known for its one-stop game asset library, which aggregates game assets from multiple chains and ecologies to build a unified identity for players based on on-chain SBT. With the partnership, will provide developers with all they need to create powerful applications quickly and scale faster, making it easier for GGslayer to aggregate the world's latest and best web3 games. has operated Aptos public full node since day 1 of its mainnet launch and serves managed RPC services to 500+ clients in the ecosystem with zero downtime. The company is now serving 14 blockchain RPCs or APIs.

The partnership between GGslayer and matters because it will allow GGslayer to provide gamers with easy access to web3 games through MPC and TSS technology, helping web2 users enter into web3 securely and efficiently. GGslayer will also benefit from personalized intelligent recommendations based on on-chain behavior statistics and AI analysis.

GGslayer has already partnered with 300+ game partners and 70+ guilds, with business partners coming from Japan, Korea, Europe, India, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Thailand, and other countries. With the addition of, GGslayer is poised to become the leading web3 gaming community, offering gamers the best gaming experience possible.

In conclusion, the partnership between GGslayer and is a win-win for the Sui ecosystem. It will allow GGslayer to offer gamers a seamless and personalized gaming experience while also providing developers with the tools they need to create powerful applications quickly and scale faster.

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Dora Noda is glad to announce the launch of Polygon and its zkEVM to its API suite. With this new addition, blockchain developers can now build on the fast and scalable Polygon network while taking advantage of the powerful zkEVM technology to streamline their development process. Launches Polygon and zkEVM to its API Suite

Blockchain developers often face challenges when it comes to building on different networks due to their varying technical requirements and limitations. This can lead to a time-consuming and frustrating development process.

With the launch of Polygon and its zkEVM to our API suite, blockchain developers can now build on the fast and scalable Polygon network while using our powerful zkEVM technology to simplify their development process. This combination allows developers to focus on their application logic while we handle the technical intricacies of the network.

Ready to start building on the fast and scalable Polygon network with the powerful zkEVM technology? Sign up for our API suite today and start building!

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Dora Noda

Aptos has been gaining traction over the past five months after the mainnet launch, and with its growth comes the need for more sophisticated tools and resources for developers. and Aptools have recognized this need and have partnered to create a more robust blockchain developer ecosystem. In this blog post, we will introduce both companies and explain why our partnership matters. and Aptools Partner to Strengthen the Aptos Developer Ecosystem 路 Aptools Partnership
(image served from dStore) is a San Francisco-based software company that specializes in connecting web3 developers to blockchain nodes and networks. Its goal is to build an all-inclusive platform for web3 developers to make it easier for them to build decentralized applications. has a team of experienced developers and blockchain experts who are committed to providing the best possible experience for its users.

Aptools, on the other hand, is an open-source project that provides developers with real-time data about the Aptos blockchain network. It is a valuable resource for developers who want to build decentralized applications on top of the Aptos blockchain. Aptools keeps track of the latest transactions for free and offers a user-friendly interface that developers can easily navigate.

The partnership between and Aptools is significant because it brings together two companies that have complementary strengths.'s expertise in blockchain connectivity will enable developers to access real-time data from the Aptos blockchain network seamlessly. This integration will allow developers to build more efficient and effective decentralized applications.

Moreover, the partnership will help both companies expand their reach and establish a stronger presence in the Aptos community. Aptools has a large and active community of developers who are already using its platform. By collaborating with Aptools, can tap into this community and introduce its services to a wider audience. On the other hand, Aptools can benefit from's expertise in blockchain technology, which can help them improve their platform and offer more advanced features to their users.

In conclusion, the partnership between and Aptools is a strategic move that will benefit both companies and the Aptos community. By leveraging each other's strengths, they can create a more robust ecosystem for web3 developers. The partnership will enable developers to access real-time data from the Aptos blockchain network seamlessly, which will help them build more efficient and effective decentralized applications. We can expect to see more collaborations like this in the future as companies recognize the value of partnerships in the Aptos blockchain space.

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Dora Noda

IoTeX has been heralded as a revolutionary force in the blockchain-for-IoT world, with countless developers striving to capitalize on its potential. is now teaming up with IoTeX to deliver secure, trusted, and interoperable services that will power smart devices to connect to smart contracts. This collaboration marks a new era for developers to develop IoT DApp with an approachable SaaS and unlock new opportunities with fewer costs and reduced IT burden. teams up with IoTeX to simplify decentralized IoT Application

What is IoTeX?

IoTeX is an open-source platform founded in 2017 with a vision of blockchain for the Internet of Trusted Things. The platform enables various machines and people to interact securely and trustingly with each other. In doing so, IoTeX ensures that everyday people and businesses own their devices and the data/value they generate from them. By connecting physical and digital worlds, IoTeX aims to democratize access to machine-backed DApps, assets, and services while delivering value to users and fueling the new machine economy.

What is is a service infra for the developer鈥檚 next billion web3 customers. It strives to provide developers with all they need to create powerful applications quickly and scale faster. We have operated Aptos public full node since day 1 of its mainnet launch. We serve managed RPC services to 400+ clients (Scalp Empire NFT Analytics, HoustonSwap, Solaland NFT Toolkit, Fewcha Wallet, etc.) in the ecosystem with zero downtime. We are on our way to becoming a validator for Aptos, Sui, Shentu, and EthStorage.

As a result of this collaboration, developers using will now have access to IoTeX鈥檚 cutting-edge technology stack. They can now start to build on IoTeX in 10s, instead of spending 20 hours to start, and countless hours to maintain their own servers!

What does this mean for developers?

This partnership will enable developers across different industries, such as finance, insurance, supply chain management, healthcare, etc., who are looking for a reliable partner in their journey towards building robust DApps 鈥 whether on IoTeX, Ethereum, Aptos, or Sui.

More specifically, will collaborate IoTeX to offer developers with the following services:

  • IoTeX node RPC. The commercial RPC endpoint will provide developers with instant access to the IoTeX blockchain, so they are free from the hassle of running their own nodes.
  • IoTeX validator. will become a validator and active contributor to the IoTeX ecosystem and bring the best technology we can source in the SaaS world to the IoT developers.
  • Accept payment with IoTeX and checkout. We will add the coin IOTX to our payment stack, so developers can build a beautiful checkout page with one line of code to accept IOTX automatically.
  • Managed w3bstream studio with multi-tenant support. We will work with MachineFi team to develop a managed solution alternative to the self-hosted decentralized network of gateways, which will shorten the path for developers to connect their devices to the blockchains.
  • Managed IoTeX Analyser API. IoTeX can offload some of its services to the community. For example, the IoTeX Analyser API: We will maintain it with SLA and integrate it into our Analytics Suite and build a dashboard similar to our Aptos one.

With this exciting collaboration, there are great things ahead for IoT DApp development. Developers can now easily build powerful & secure decentralized apps using cutting-edge technologies from IoTeX and the out-of-box APIs and SaaS from


Is the partnership hurting the decentralization of IoTeX because is a managed service vendor?

We are a professional SaaS vendor. There has to be a place to host servers and register their locations - like your website also needs servers or DNS. If it is not your own data center, you must work with a cloud vendor. We have worked in the cloud and SaaS Fintech industries for many years and will get more compliance when our business grows to a specific size.

If the managed service does not work for you, we also serve on-premise deployment. If you want the software to run on your own servers (on-premise deployment), you can hire us ($599/hour) to help you.

We are not the customer鈥檚 only choice and have no motivation to do evil. We offer the customer an option - a simplified and efficient development experience so that developers to experience IoTeX鈥檚 magic as soon as possible.

How do both companies profit from the partnership? offers developers pay-as-you-go and subscription-based payment plans to cover server costs. If we can profit from the staking business, we will lower the fee or charge no fee for the developers to access IoTeX.

IoTeX could refer potential customers to try us for free, or enterprise customers for a worry-free managed service. We will rebate the SaaS subscription in a certain percentage to IoTeX. IoTeX ecosystem will acquire developers that are more comfortable with cloud services through

How to stay in the loop?

For IoTeX, go to

For, go to

Source Link:

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Dora Noda and Vital Block are now announcing our partnership to create a more secure blockchain space for all users. We have come together to provide comprehensive security assessments for blockchain and smart contract projects, as well as DApp building tools for Aptos and Sui blockchains. This is great news for those developers in the DeFi and Web3 space - read on to learn more! and Vital Block partner up to create a safer blockchain space

Vital Block's Security Assessments

Vital Block is a company that specializes in providing comprehensive security assessments for blockchain and smart contract projects. They are experts of security in the DeFi and Web3 space and are committed to making it a safer place for all participants.

The team at Vital Block understands that the creation of tokens and smart contracts requires technical security checks at every stage of development. Unfortunately, many developers deploy smart contracts without conducting proper vulnerability assessments, which can leave investors at risk of being scammed.

To address this problem, Vital Block offers a comprehensive audit service that includes an audit security protocol. This protocol is designed to identify specific vulnerabilities in the code, through a combination of manual and automated testing.

Once the vulnerabilities have been identified, the team at Vital Block works closely with the developers to ensure that all identified issues are fixed before a final report is issued. This allows projects to proceed with the confidence that their code is secure and free from potential vulnerabilities.

Overall, Vital Block offers a valuable service for any blockchain or smart contract project looking to ensure the security and integrity of the code. With their help, projects can move forward with the confidence that their code is secure and that their investors are protected.

BlockEden.xyz鈥檚 Suite of APIs provides a suite of APIs that make it easy to build DApps for Aptos and Sui blockchains. Our APIs allow developers to create DApps quickly without having to worry about scalability issues, meaning that even small projects can be built quickly and easily with our tools. With the help of our suite of APIs, developers are able to get their projects up and running faster than ever before 鈥 empowering them to focus on creating innovative solutions in this rapidly growing industry.

In addition to chain RPC, we also provide Indexer GraphQL API and data analytics with high reliability. Sign up today for free and pay with crypto to upgrade:

The partnership between and Vital Block will help make the DeFi and Web3 spaces safer for everyone involved 鈥 by providing comprehensive security assessments as well as efficient DApp building tools, these two companies are working together to ensure that blockchain technology runs securely while also enabling developers to innovate quickly. If you're interested in getting involved with either company's services then be sure to check out these websites today!

3 min read
Dora Noda

Here at, we are always looking for ways to improve the security of digital assets on blockchain for developers and their customers. That's why we're glad to announce our official partnership with Secure3, a collaborative web3 security auditing ecosystem.

As our trusted security provider, Secure3 will team with us to protect digital assets on blockchains with MOVE smart contract language. This partnership is a strategic move for both and Secure3. For, it means that we can continue to provide our customers with the highest level of security possible. And for Secure3, it provides them with an opportunity to showcase their expertise in blockchain security to the move language ecosystem. We're confident that this partnership will be a win-win for everyone involved. Partners with Secure3

What is Secure3?

Secure3 is a collaborative web3 security auditing ecosystem that helps organizations identify and fix vulnerabilities in their smart contracts. The company was founded in 2022 by a team of world-class security researchers and developers passionate about building a more secure web3 world.

Secure3's mission is to secure web3 by empowering a transparent, collaborative, and verifiable security ecosystem. To that end, they provide:

  • Trustworthy security auditing for projects.
  • A competitive incentive model for auditors and whitehats.
  • Verifiable security track records for the community.

The new model finds more critical bugs faster than any centralized auditing firm. They also offer training and education resources so that companies can build stronger internal security teams.

Why blockchain security matters

As the use of blockchain technology grows, so too does the need for robust security solutions. That's because blockchain-based applications are often built on top of open-source smart contracts, which are notoriously difficult to secure. Hackers have taken advantage of this fact to steal millions of dollars worth of digital assets from exchanges, wallets, and other blockchain-based applications.

In order to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening in the future, it's important for companies to build robust security teams and adopt best practices for secure coding and auditing smart contracts. That's where Secure3 comes in. By partnering with Secure3, we are sending a clear message that we take the security of our digital assets seriously and are committed to protecting them against all threats.

What does do? provides a set of APIs that makes it easy for developers to connect to the Aptos and Sui networks. Our platform enables developers to quickly and securely build decentralized applications (DApps). In addition, we offer tools that help developers to track their DApp usage and manage their user keys.

We believe that our platform will help to accelerate the development of the Aptos and Sui ecosystems. Our goal is to make it easy for developers to build DApps on Aptos and Sui, so that more people can use these blockchains to fulfill their decentralized needs.

2 min read
Dora Noda

We are excited to announce a partnership between Aptos Eden and This partnership will allow us to provide a collaborative system for Move language learning, Aptos ecosystem integration, and web3 infrastructure.

Partnership between Aptos Eden and

What is Aptos Eden?

Aptos Eden is an aggregated platform for Move language learning and Aptos ecosystem integration. We believe that this platform will help developers grow faster and provide them with the best possible learning experience in the Chinese community.

What is is a suite of APIs powering DApps of all sizes for blockchains. The goal is to empower the next wave of DApp developers with the infrastructure to build and scale faster.

How will this partnership help me?

This partnership between Aptos Eden and will bridge the gaps between learning and DApp development in action. Please keep in touch with us for the incoming offerings from us. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued support!

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Dora Noda

We are excited to announce our partnership with Aptos Global, the first Aptos Eco APEC Community. This partnership integrates a platform for research, Move language education, and eco-projects development into one neat little package.

Not only will this teach new skills and strengthen developer communities, but it will also push the limits of new technologies and foster a world-class ecosystem of Aptos developers and entrepreneurs. And what's more - has been chosen as the infrastructure provider of choice for all affiliated projects!

We believe that a simpler and overall better developer experience is key to broad web3 adoption. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing a suite of APIs that power DApps of all sizes for Aptos and Sui blockchains. So whether you're just getting started or you're looking to scale up, has you covered.

Aptos Global and Partnership

What is Aptos Global?

Aptos Global is the first Aptos Eco APEC Community. An integrated platform for research, Move langugage education, and eco-projects development. Aptos Global teaches new skills, strengthens developer communities, and push the limits of new technologies, and fosters a world-class ecosystem of Aptos developers and entrepreneurs.


Why was BlockEden chosen?

BlockEden was chosen because of the quality of its infrastructure and dedication to developer experience.

  • We serve standard blockchain APIs with security, reliability, and high availability. Our nodes are running the latest version with 99.9% uptime.
  • Developers can connect their DApps to our nodes instantly, without the hassle of DevOps.
  • We are the only commercial GraphQL API provider in the Aptos ecosystem.
  • Data analysts could write SQL against our indexed data and build a visualization dashboard for free. is a San Francisco-based software company that helps web3 developers connect to the Aptos network instantly and securely.

We are excited to be working with Aptos Global as their infrastructure provider of choice and we believe that this partnership is just the beginning of great things to come for both sides. Stay tuned for more news and updates!

2 min read
Jack Sim

Great news for Aptos holders and web3 developers! Scalp Empire has partnered with to bring NFT analytics to the Aptos network.

With this partnership, will provide indexed data to power Scalp Empire's analytical tools. These tools are essential for making successful NFT trades. So if you're looking to get into the world of NFTs, be sure to check out Scalp Empire!

Scalp Empire Partners with to Bring NFT Analytics to the Aptos Network

What is Scalp Empire?

Scalp Empire is a project aiming to provide our holders with most of the tools needed for making profitable NFT trades on Solana network. In addition to building analytical tools powered by's indexed data, Scalp Empire also offers sniping bots and listing features. These tools are essential for making successful NFT trades.

What is is a suite of APIs powering DApps of all sizes for Aptos and Sui blockchains. Our software and API service enables you to easily access blockchain data so that you can build DApps quickly and efficiently.

We're excited to see what Scalp Empire builds with's data! If you're interested in learning more about this partnership or getting started with NFTs, be sure to check out today.