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Welcome to, your premier destination for Sui blockchain node operations and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services. We're dedicated to providing developers with the most efficient, reliable, and scalable blockchain infrastructure solutions.

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We are a fully-committed team striving to bringing web3 to everyone on the planet, together with powerful developers and businesses.

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What is Sui?

Sui is a permissionless, PoS-powered Layer 1 blockchain that seeks to offer immediate settlement and fast throughput. Therefore, it is suitable for building latency-sensitive, future-proof, high-performance decentralized applications.

What is Move?

Move is a smart contract language built by engineers at Meta and intended to be more secure and efficient than Solidity. Those engineers left Meta and built their own blockchain businesses - Aptos Labs and Mysten Labs.

Is Sui blockchain a good place to build?

Sui is still in development and projected to release mainnet in Q1 2023. It is an excellent time for innovators to take the opportunity window to build.

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Randomly selected ecosystem projects

Wave Wallet

Waves is a wallet built with a security-first principles for the Sui blockchain. An enclave for your digital assets.


Fewcha Wallet

Fewcha Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that offers users a simple and secure platform to manage their digital assets. It supports various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and allows users to store, send, receive, and exchange their digital assets. Fewcha Wallet is available for mobile devices.


F1 Dog

The first NFT dog racing game built on Sui and Aptos blockchains.

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