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Dora Noda

IoTeX has been heralded as a revolutionary force in the blockchain-for-IoT world, with countless developers striving to capitalize on its potential. is now teaming up with IoTeX to deliver secure, trusted, and interoperable services that will power smart devices to connect to smart contracts. This collaboration marks a new era for developers to develop IoT DApp with an approachable SaaS and unlock new opportunities with fewer costs and reduced IT burden. teams up with IoTeX to simplify decentralized IoT Application

What is IoTeX?

IoTeX is an open-source platform founded in 2017 with a vision of blockchain for the Internet of Trusted Things. The platform enables various machines and people to interact securely and trustingly with each other. In doing so, IoTeX ensures that everyday people and businesses own their devices and the data/value they generate from them. By connecting physical and digital worlds, IoTeX aims to democratize access to machine-backed DApps, assets, and services while delivering value to users and fueling the new machine economy.

What is is a service infra for the developer’s next billion web3 customers. It strives to provide developers with all they need to create powerful applications quickly and scale faster. We have operated Aptos public full node since day 1 of its mainnet launch. We serve managed RPC services to 400+ clients (Scalp Empire NFT Analytics, HoustonSwap, Solaland NFT Toolkit, Fewcha Wallet, etc.) in the ecosystem with zero downtime. We are on our way to becoming a validator for Aptos, Sui, Shentu, and EthStorage.

As a result of this collaboration, developers using will now have access to IoTeX’s cutting-edge technology stack. They can now start to build on IoTeX in 10s, instead of spending 20 hours to start, and countless hours to maintain their own servers!

What does this mean for developers?

This partnership will enable developers across different industries, such as finance, insurance, supply chain management, healthcare, etc., who are looking for a reliable partner in their journey towards building robust DApps — whether on IoTeX, Ethereum, Aptos, or Sui.

More specifically, will collaborate IoTeX to offer developers with the following services:

  • IoTeX node RPC. The commercial RPC endpoint will provide developers with instant access to the IoTeX blockchain, so they are free from the hassle of running their own nodes.
  • IoTeX validator. will become a validator and active contributor to the IoTeX ecosystem and bring the best technology we can source in the SaaS world to the IoT developers.
  • Accept payment with IoTeX and checkout. We will add the coin IOTX to our payment stack, so developers can build a beautiful checkout page with one line of code to accept IOTX automatically.
  • Managed w3bstream studio with multi-tenant support. We will work with MachineFi team to develop a managed solution alternative to the self-hosted decentralized network of gateways, which will shorten the path for developers to connect their devices to the blockchains.
  • Managed IoTeX Analyser API. IoTeX can offload some of its services to the community. For example, the IoTeX Analyser API: We will maintain it with SLA and integrate it into our Analytics Suite and build a dashboard similar to our Aptos one.

With this exciting collaboration, there are great things ahead for IoT DApp development. Developers can now easily build powerful & secure decentralized apps using cutting-edge technologies from IoTeX and the out-of-box APIs and SaaS from


Is the partnership hurting the decentralization of IoTeX because is a managed service vendor?

We are a professional SaaS vendor. There has to be a place to host servers and register their locations - like your website also needs servers or DNS. If it is not your own data center, you must work with a cloud vendor. We have worked in the cloud and SaaS Fintech industries for many years and will get more compliance when our business grows to a specific size.

If the managed service does not work for you, we also serve on-premise deployment. If you want the software to run on your own servers (on-premise deployment), you can hire us ($599/hour) to help you.

We are not the customer’s only choice and have no motivation to do evil. We offer the customer an option - a simplified and efficient development experience so that developers to experience IoTeX’s magic as soon as possible.

How do both companies profit from the partnership? offers developers pay-as-you-go and subscription-based payment plans to cover server costs. If we can profit from the staking business, we will lower the fee or charge no fee for the developers to access IoTeX.

IoTeX could refer potential customers to try us for free, or enterprise customers for a worry-free managed service. We will rebate the SaaS subscription in a certain percentage to IoTeX. IoTeX ecosystem will acquire developers that are more comfortable with cloud services through

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