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Dora Noda

On January 25, the second wave of the Sui testnet went live and it would endure for 2 to 3 weeks. As part of this wave, is helping hundreds of projects test and build on a secure and high-performance Sui network. This latest wave will bring more clarity to developers and users as they get ready for full deployment of the Sui network. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this testnet wave so important.

What is Testnet Wave 2?

Testnet Wave 2 is the second phase of testing for Sui, a blockchain platform that enables developers to easily create decentralized applications (dApps) with smart contracts, deploy them on its public blockchain and leverage its built-in tools to keep their applications secure, fast and reliable. During this phase, hundreds of projects are now able to test and build on the secure, high-performance Sui Network using

Testnet Wave 2 has 39 validators plus 2 Mysten Labs-operated validators, which are geographically distributed. The network's epoch duration is approximately 24 hours based on 28800 checkpoints and its reference gas price fluctuates from epoch to epoch. The network is updated only as necessary and data would only be wiped in required recovery scenarios. Mysten Labs provides incident support, including oncall support and incident management protocol with necessary coordination with selected validators.

How can I connect to Sui Testnet?

The network is permissionless. Although anyone can engage with the testnet, awards are exclusively given to program participants.

For an end user or crypto holder:

  1. Sui Web wallet can be downloaded here
  2. Open Sui wallet -> Setting (3 lines) -> Network -> Sui testnet
  3. Use Sui Discord #testnet-faucet channel to receive testnet tokens on Sui testnet.
  4. On testnet, Capy NFT can be tested by visiting

The deployment of Dapps will take a few days as the Testnet has just recently launched.

The testnet SUI coins and staking rewards are exclusively used for testing and have no monetary value.

For a developer,

Grab a free public API key along with the endpoint from and apply it to your SDK or HTTP clients. If you need a dedicated key, please sign up and it's free.

Sui RPC keys

What Does Testnet Wave 2 Mean for Developers?

For developers who are building on Sui or plan to do so in the future, Testnet Wave 2 means more clarity about how their applications will perform when fully deployed onto the main blockchain network. They can use this opportunity to gain insight into how their application works under different conditions before going live in production mode which could result in fewer surprises once they launch their project publicly. With improved security features such as enhanced privacy options available during this testing phase along with advanced analytics capabilities being provided by, developers have everything they need to make sure their applications are running smoothly before taking them live onto the main blockchain network.

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