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Dora Noda

Ethereum, the world's most adopted blockchain platform for smart contracts, is known for its regular upgrades, each bringing forth new features, parameter adjustments, or enhanced security. These upgrades, driven by both proactive innovation and the need to mitigate potential security threats, have punctuated Ethereum's evolution over the years.

A Major Leap Towards a Faster, More Economical Network

Before the Ethereum merge last September, the platform had seen 14 upgrades. Notably, a reactive upgrade occurred in 2016 after the DAO Fork incident when Ethereum Classic (ETC) emerged following a cyber-attack that jeopardized the DAO project's ETH funding.

Over the past few years, significant upgrades have taken place. The London upgrade in August 2020 introduced EIP-1599, introducing ETH burning and dynamic adjustment of the Base Fee for every transaction. In September 2022, the Paris upgrade transitioned Ethereum's consensus mechanism from Proof of Work (POW) to Proof of Stake (POS), signaling the end of the machine mining era.

After the Shanghai upgrade, Ethereum's core development team announced that the most important update this year would be the Cancun upgrade, expected to occur later this year.

Cancun Upgrade: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Named after the city that hosted the Ethereum Developer Conference (Devcon), the upcoming Cancun upgrade will implement crucial improvements to the Ethereum network.

The star of the upgrade, EIP-4844, aims to allow Ethereum nodes to temporarily store and retrieve off-chain data, fulfilling the data and storage needs of blockchain applications. If successfully implemented, EIP-4844 is expected to reduce the costs of Layer 2 (L2) rollup solutions. Reportedly, EIP-4844 has already been tested on four development networks, with a fifth testing network about to launch.

Originally intended for completion during the Shanghai upgrade, EIP-4844 was postponed to the Cancun upgrade. Developers have also agreed to include EIP-6780 (preparing for future application of Verkle Trees), EIP-6475 (providing improved readability and compact serialization), and EIP-1153 (introducing transient storage opcode) in the upgrade.

The Principle Behind the Upgrade

The essence of Ethereum's scalability efforts lies in increasing data processing volume and speed. Two directions are pursued concurrently – Layer 2 rollups and sharding on the mainnet. The implementation of EIP-4844 is the first step towards complete sharding.

Prior to the Cancun upgrade, L2 information was stored in the Calldata of L1 information. This method was costly and limited due to Calldata's limited space.

With the Cancun upgrade, L1 will be stored in a new location called "Blob". Blob storage is more affordable and offers more space, allowing Ethereum to host more data, increase its transactions per second (TPS), and reduce costs. As Blob is a temporary data package cleaned up every 30 days, nodes only need to download a fixed amount of data per month, decreasing node burden.

In essence, the Cancun upgrade will make L2 cheaper and faster. This will not only benefit L2 protocols but will also foster rapid development for ecosystems built on L2.

In conclusion, the upcoming Ethereum Cancun upgrade promises to be an important milestone, heralding a new era of efficient, affordable, and scalable blockchain applications. Stay tuned for further updates as the Ethereum community continues its pioneering work in advancing decentralized technologies.

· 6 min read
Dora Noda

We are on a mission to build and accelerate the web3 industry of tomorrow. We obsess about developer experience and strive towards constant innovation. And that's why now we are offering a decentralized file store, powered by EthStorage. dStore is a managed storage solution for creators and developers from any blockchain. It's user-friendly, EVM-compatible, low-cost, and petabyte-level scale, all powered by EthStorage. dStore

What is EthStorage?

EthStorage is a layer 2 solution that provides programmable dynamic storage based on Ethereum's data availability. It will greatly reduce the storage cost of storing a large amount of data on Ethereum, saving the cost from 1% to 0.1%. The low cost of storing large data by EthStorage can better enable a fully decentralized network in the future. EthStorage is highly integrated with EVM and is compatible with Solidity, Remix, Hardhat, and MetaMask. The team received a research grant from the Ethereum Foundation for data availability research.

EthStorage comparison with File coin and Arweave

EthStorage is invented by Dr. Qi Zhou, the founder of QuarkChain and author of EIP-4804/4972/5018/5027/5478. You can track EthStorage's statuses from the following sources:

Why does decentralized storage matter?

Decentralized storage is important because it allows for data to be stored in a distributed manner rather than being stored in a single location. This has several advantages, such as increased security and reliability, as well as improved accessibility. For example, because decentralized storage systems are distributed, they are less vulnerable to attacks, censorship, or failure and can continue to function even if some of the individual components fail. Additionally, because the data is stored on multiple devices, it can be accessed from multiple locations, making it more convenient for users.

What is BlockEden. xyz's dStore offering?

We strongly believe Dr. Zhou's vision to bring more cost-effective storage to the decentralized web and would like to collaborate with his team to democratize this innovation to every web3 developer on the planet.

More specifically, we will apply EthStorage as the underlying vendor of our blob store. Our developers can develop upon it to build their DApps faster and scale instantly.

Web portal for file management

Developers and creators can drag and drop their static assets to this file store and easily manage them. We free them from the hassles of managing private keys, paying transaction fees, and maintaining files with blockchains. dStore architecture

To ensure the decentralization of the storage, developers could eject the managed store to their own address anytime. Furthermore, we will open source the backend of the file store so that developers or other developer-facing providers can easily host file management services.

Unlocking new business possibilities through strategic partnerships

There are also future integration opportunities between EthStorage and, in addition to the dStore launched today.

CDN to speed up the read

Most Internet services are read-intensive and take time to serve a large number of resources from a decentralized store. With our CDN service, developers can enjoy both the decentralization of the source files and the blazing-fast speed that we can achieve with a CDN.

Node service and API gateway to EthStorage

We will provide API access to EthStorage testnet and mainnet blockchain nodes after EthStorage mainnet launch for developers and businesses. Here are a few reasons why developers should choose us instead of their own or the official nodes:

  1. Easy Access to blockchain Nodes: ChainPlus API provides easy access to EthStorage nodes, which can be used to interact with these blockchain networks. Starts to build in 10s, instead of spending 20 hours to start, countless hours to maintain!

  2. Scalability: provides highly scalable nodes that can handle high levels of traffic and transactions. This can be important for businesses and projects requiring large amounts of data or user activity.

  3. Reliability: nodes are highly reliable, with an uptime of 99.9%. This can be important for businesses and projects that need to ensure that their applications or services are always available to users.

How to use dStore with EthStorage?

Step 1. Go to and then drag and drop your files to the window.

dStore - how it works? Step 1

Step 2. After the file is uploaded to the EthStorage successfully, you will see the item in the table, then right-click the row and select "Copy URL" to get the link. You can also delete a file by selecting "Delete".

dStore - how it works? Step 2

Admittedly, the current version of dStore has some limitations. We don't support uploading directories and large files (size > 2MB). It may take tens of seconds to upload mid-sized images. However, this is just an initial version, and we will keep improving the product in the long run.

Dr. Qi Zhou, founder of EthStorage, share his praise on twitter -

Mike Thrift, BD at, commented, "dStore enriched our bundled offering to the creators and developers and laid a solid foundation for our aggregated function API services to blockchains. It made us an active contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem and gave our Aptos and Sui developers a more cost-effective and flexible choice than IPFS or Arweave." is committed to providing the best developer experiences to web3 developers, which does not limit to Blockchain RPCs. The decentralized storage opens new doors for developers to manage their NFT assets and files in our one-stop shop. Get started today for free at

· 2 min read
Jack Sim

Back to a month ago, we made a public incognito Ethereum mainnet RPC endpoint available to Metamask users (blog post), which attracted and was used by a few users. Now we decided to expand the benefit to our developer customers too!


How to get started?

Step 1. Go to Please sign up if you haven’t done so.

Step 2. Input your name for the API key, select ETH Mainnet, and then click + Create key.

create eth mainnet api key

Step 3. Grab your access URL by clicking it and copying it to the clipboard.

Step 4. Use the access URL in your project like the following. Remember to replace <access_key> with your own key.

To test it, using curl to connect ETH mainnet

curl --location --request POST '<access_key>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{

Why Ethereum Network?

Ethereum network has the biggest developer ecosystem, and there are so many great innovations accumulated over years. Supporting it is going to create significant synergy with Move ecosystem. Many of our customers are not exclusive Move developers. Building a single stop for all needed services makes their life easier.

Enjoy our new service and happy holidays!