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Use Incognito Ethereum RPC URL

· 2 min read
Jack Sim

Starting from Sept 23, 2023, if you use the default RPC URL (aka in Metamask, your IP address and wallet address will be collected whenever you send a transaction (source).

Some people prefer to keep their identity untracked, and are looking for an alternative RPC URL that doesn’t track user identity. Here gets you covered! We have opened a public Ethereum Mainnet RPC endpoint – for free, and we do not trace any user identity of any transactions going through our RPC URL as well as blockchain data reading operations.

To set it up with your Metamask, go to Settings -> Networks, and click “Add a network” on the upper right corner. You can fill in the following info:

Setup ethereum rpc url in Metamask

Then, you’re good to go, and click “Save”. When you want to send an incognito transaction, you could just select “Ethereum Mainnet (” network, and then send the transaction (shhh~).

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Will We Help Ethereum Developers Too?

Whether we will offer Ethereum API support to developers is TBD, but your feedback would be important to us. Please let us know your needs!