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How to Pay with APT, USDC, USDT on Aptos

· 3 min read
Dora Noda

Are you looking for an easy way to pay for your subscription to BlockEden's API service? Look no further! We are happy to announce that we accept APT as a payment method.

APT is the token of the Aptos blockchain, and it's a great way to pay for our products. Soon, we will also be accepting SUI when Sui mainnet launches. Read on to learn how you can pay for our services with APT!

How to Pay with APT, USDC, USDT on Aptos

Step 1: Get Your APT Wallet Ready

Before you can pay for your subscription with APT, you will need an APT wallet. You can get any wallet that supports Aptos, like Pontem. Once you have a wallet, make sure it has enough funds to cover the subscription cost. You can transfer money from other wallets or buy more tokens directly from exchanges like Coinbase, or LiquidSwap.

Step 2: Go to Our Website and Select the Subscription Plan

Once your wallet is ready, go to BlockEden. xyz's website and select the best plan for your needs. Then, click Pay with crypto and select APT over the Aptos network as your payment method. This will generate an address with a QR code containing the recipient's address. Please send the exact amount of coins to the listed address. Once this is done, you will see Payment succeeded and click the button to get back to the dashboard.

Step 3: Confirm Your Payment

When you have completed the transaction, recheck your wallet balance and ensure that the correct amount has been deducted. If everything looks good, then congratulations! You have successfully paid for your subscription using APT tokens! Now all that's left is to start using our services and enjoy all of their benefits!

Paying for BlockEden. xyz's services with APT tokens is both fast and secure. With just three steps—getting a wallet ready, selecting a plan on our website, and confirming payment—you can subscribe to our services quickly and easily without having to worry about security risks or waiting times associated with other payment methods like credit cards or bank transfers. So what are you waiting for? Start subscribing today with and pay securely with APT tokens!

What is provides a set of APIs that makes it easy for developers to connect to the Aptos and Sui networks. As a result, our platform enables developers to quickly and securely build decentralized applications (DApps). In addition, we offer tools that help developers to query those blockchains with SQL and GraphQL.

We believe that our platform will help to accelerate the development of the Aptos and Sui ecosystems. We aim to make it easy for developers to build DApps on Aptos and Sui, so that more people can use these blockchains to fulfill their decentralized needs.