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Empowering Innovation Through Strategic Partnership with Koii Network

· 3 min read
Dora Noda


In the dynamic realm of blockchain and decentralized technologies, stands as a wave of innovation, security, and community-driven progress for new blockchains. Today, we are glad to announce a new partnership with Koii Network, a visionary platform aimed at decentralizing the power of the internet and returning control to the community. This collaboration is more than a mere alliance; it's a step forward in our commitment to fostering an environment where technology serves the many, not the few. At the Forefront of Blockchain Solutions is renowned for its robust API marketplace, boasting an impressive $50M staked, 47 APIs, and a community of over 6000 developers. Our dedication to high availability, security, and inclusivity has made us a trusted partner for blockchain protocol builders, DApp developers, and token holders alike.

Koii Network: Democratizing the Digital Space

Koii Network's mission to decentralize internet power aligns with our vision of a more equitable digital future. By leveraging edge computing and introducing "Gradual Consensus" through Koii Tasks, Koii offers an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way for individuals to earn income from their computing resources. Their focus on building fast, scalable, and private systems presents an innovative alternative to conventional social media, publishing, and AI systems.

A Partnership for the Future

The partnership between and Koii Network signifies a confluence of shared values and technological synergy. Together, we aim to:

  • Enhance Digital Security and Privacy: By combining our strengths, we can offer more secure and private digital solutions, safeguarding user data and empowering individuals with control over their digital footprint.
  • Foster Innovation and Scalability: This collaboration will accelerate the development of decentralized applications (dApps) that are not only innovative but also scalable and accessible to a broader audience.
  • Support Community-Led Development: We are committed to supporting the community's role in shaping the future of technology. This partnership will provide tools, resources, and a supportive ecosystem for developers and innovators to bring their visions to life.
  • Expand onboarding options and contribute to tooling for Koii node operators: has deep technical experience running nodes for a plethora of blockchain ecosystems, and will bring industry experience to the Koii ecosystem.


As we embark on this journey with Koii Network, remains steadfast in our mission to empower the blockchain space with high-quality, reliable, and inclusive solutions. This partnership is a testament to our belief in collaboration over competition and innovation for the common good. Together, we are paving the way for a future where technology empowers every individual, fostering a more open, fair, and decentralized world.