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Intent-Centric Protocols

· 3 min read
Dora Noda

In the evolving landscape of Web3, a new approach to user interactions is emerging – the intent-centric protocol. Here, users simply express what they want, leaving the intricate process of how it's achieved to the system. This approach heralds enhanced user experience, better composability, and greater privacy.

The Three Pillars of Intent-Centricity

  1. User-Centric Interaction: The essence of intent-centricity lies in streamlining user experience. By emphasizing the "what" over the "how," it spares users the need to grapple with complex underlying mechanisms. The result? A straightforward expression of their objectives.

  2. Robust Composability: In the realm of Web3, composability denotes the ease with which various protocols or apps integrate and build upon each other. When users solely voice their intent, it provides room for systems to be tailored for maximized compatibility, fostering richer and more cohesive digital ecosystems.

  3. Privacy by Design: Expressing just the intent can obviate the need for users to disclose detailed or sensitive data about themselves. This is a major stride towards ensuring user privacy in blockchain interactions.

Let's Paint a Picture

Consider Alice – a newcomer to the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) world with minimal technical expertise. She's just dipped her toes into the realm of cryptocurrency and is curious about staking to earn interest.

Traditional ProtocolIntent-Centric Protocol
1. Alice starts by selecting a staking platform.
2. She grapples with its intricacies.
3. She's faced with choices: locked staking or flexible?
4. Next, she must comprehend the risks linked to her choice.
5. Finally, after a labyrinthine process, she stakes her cryptocurrency.
1. Alice accesses a Web3 app.
2. She straightforwardly states: "I wish to stake X crypto and earn interest."
3. The protocol, cognizant of her intent, optimizes the staking method for her – considering market dynamics, her stake, and more.
4. Behind the scenes, it liaises with the required DeFi protocols, managing the technicalities.
5. Alice gets an affirmation: her cryptocurrency is staked and interest earnings are on the way.

For Alice, the intent-centric approach is a breath of fresh air. She’s spared the technical maze and instead, expresses her intent. The protocol does the heavy lifting, ensuring her privacy and sourcing the best available options.

What Fuels the Rise of Intent-Centricity?

The rising wave of intent-centricity is spurred by a blend of the AIGC revolution, developments like EIP4337 (smart contract accounts), and the push to make Web3 accessible to all.

A testament to this trend is the project showcased at ETHGlobal Paris 2023: Bob the Solver - Pioneering infrastructure for intent-based transactions to elevate the UX of wallets and dapps.

Bob the solver


As the digital realm advances, user-centric approaches like intent-centric protocols are shaping the future of Web3 interactions. By shifting the focus from intricate processes to straightforward intent expression, these protocols are democratizing access, enhancing user experience, and promoting privacy. With innovations such as Bob the Solver leading the charge, the Web3 space is poised to become more inclusive and user-friendly, bridging the gap between the technical and the everyday user. Embracing intent-centricity is not just the next step; it's the future of decentralized digital interactions.