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Dora Noda

Node operation made easy with a reliable infrastructure introduces an advanced blockchain node infrastructure, enhancing the reliability and performance of blockchain operations. This development empowers customers to manage blockchain nodes easily and efficiently, ensuring the high availability and robustness of their blockchain applications.

Blockchain node operation often encounters issues like network instability, uptime monitoring, complex setup processes, and high maintenance costs. These challenges pose significant hurdles for businesses and individuals seeking to leverage blockchain technology.'s delegated staking infrastructure offers a state-of-the-art solution to these challenges. This high-availability blockchain node infrastructure simplifies node setup, reduces operational costs, and ensures stable and consistent network performance. This makes blockchain technology more accessible and practical for a broader range of users. has an impressive track record, starting with Aptos and maintaining 99.9% uptime since its mainnet launch. Our services have expanded to include Sui, Solana, and 12 EVM blockchains, demonstrating our adaptability and commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. With over $45 million worth of tokens staked with us, our clients trust us to provide reliable and secure solutions for their web3 and blockchain needs.

What is’s Offering of the Delegated Staking Infra?

  1. Integrating with new networks.
  2. Managed/delegated services to run blockchain nodes, including maintaining a service-level agreement, status monitoring, active on-call, and failover.
  3. Develop tools to improve efficiency, e.g., distributing rewards.

Internal FAQs

What are the OKRs for Delegated Staking Infra Trying to Achieve?


  • Build a reliable, safe, extensible, and cost-efficient delegated staking infrastructure to sustainably generate revenue streams for
    • Reliable: the delegate node should have high availability.
    • Safe: the funds delegated to us should be safe.
    • Extensible: the infra should be reusable to expand to another blockchain network.
    • Cost-efficient: the infra machine cost should be covered by the delegate revenue.
ItemsKey Results
SLO server uptime99.9%
New network onboarding time<= 2 weeks for EVM chains

Why is Delegated Staking Infra Important to

  • It’s the revenue-generating program, bringing resources to do more strategic infra work.
  • It’s an essential infra component to serve chain RPCs, particularly for latency-sensitive use cases.

How Can Delegated Staking Infra Fail? Would it Cause Customer Dislikes?

  • Failures in delegated staking infrastructure primarily occur due to service disruptions and server downtime. These issues can prevent customers from staking tokens or lead to reduced rewards due to slashing penalties. Such disruptions often result in customer dissatisfaction due to unmet expectations of consistent earnings and reliable service.

What are the Dependencies?

  • Network Selection: The chosen blockchain network plays a critical role. Different networks may have varying protocols, reward structures, and security requirements.
  • Initial Funding: To participate as a validator in the staking process, an initial investment or fund is required. This amount varies depending on the network's criteria and serves as your stake in the network.

What are the Risks?

  • Fund Safety: Ideally, we should make a product that doesn’t bear the liability for the customer's fund. However, it largely depends on the blockchain's features, e.g., isolation of token owner and node operator permission.
  • Crypto Market Volatility: In a sudden crypto price crash or bearish market, the token rewards might be short to cover the machine cost. A liquidation plan should be in place to ensure funds are secured to operate the infra.

How to Use this Staking Infra?

  • offers comprehensive documentation for getting started with our staking infrastructure, including step-by-step guides for both manual staking processes

Why does staking infra matter to me?

  • Ease of Access: You can easily participate in staking and enjoy its benefits without needing deep technical knowledge or extensive resources.
  • Flexibility for Future Growth: We provide the capability for future technical integrations with your needs, ensuring that as your staking needs evolve, our infrastructure can accommodate them.

How to use this staking infra?

  • To get started with our staking infrastructure, offers comprehensive documentation. This includes step-by-step guides for both manual staking processes and technical integrations.
  • We're committed to supporting your journey, addressing concerns and fulfilling requirements as they arise, ensuring a smooth and effective staking experience.

How do I know if this staking infra is the right solution to my problem?

  • To assess if our staking infrastructure suits your requirements, we recommend a phased approach. Start by trialing our service with selected networks. Monitor performance and stability over a set period. Based on this experience and the proven results obtained, you can then evaluate the effectiveness of our solution. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making and helps forecast potential future revenues, ensuring alignment with your business objectives.