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Introducing SUIA: The First POAP Application on the SUI Network

· 3 min read
Dora Noda

The SUI Network is a high-performance public blockchain developed by former Meta engineers. Built with the Move programming language, it prioritizes security, scalability, and upgradability.

What is POAP?

POAP, or Proof-Of-Attendance Protocol, is a mechanism for distributing encrypted badges to record and commemorate specific events. POAP tokens can serve as proof that a user attended an event or as collectible items, similar to concert tickets or commemorative badges.

Event organizers typically use POAP to distribute tokens to participants, who can then collect unique POAP tokens (NFT badges) to remember their attendance at an event.

Introducing SUIA: The First POAP Application on the SUI Network is the first POAP application on the SUI blockchain, currently launched on SUI's devnet. In the future, Suia will have multiple purposes, such as event tickets, contribution awards, and gaming, providing a new immersive, gamified interaction method between web3 brands and users.

What are the features of SUIA?

Anyone can create POAP events on Suia, with all creation and distribution occurring transparently on the SUI blockchain. Users own their Suia assets, and the unique architecture and parallel performance of the SUI blockchain allow Suia to combine and create more gameplay possibilities, accommodating large-scale user participation, low latency, and low fees, facilitating connections with the web2 application market.

How to use SUIA?

  1. Visit the Suia website at, click "connect wallet" to link a wallet, currently supporting Sui wallet and Suiet Wallet.

  2. After connecting the wallet, click "create Suia" to experience creating a POAP NFT distribution event on the SUI blockchain. Follow the prompts to upload the NFT's type, name, description, amount, and whitelist restrictions if needed. Click "create" to complete the process, which requires a small amount of SUI tokens in the devnet environment.

  3. After creating the event, it will appear on the homepage, allowing other users to discover and claim your POAP.


Suia, developed by the Mynft team (creators of the first vote-to-earn web3 platform on the Flow blockchain), has a mature market and development experience, as well as a solid community foundation. Developing Suia on the SUI blockchain leverages the team's NFT expertise while filling the gap in POAP applications.

With a well-developed product and clear roadmap, strong project collaboration, and community management capabilities, Suia has attracted over 6,000 participants on its first day of testing. SUI World DAO will continue to monitor Suia's future collaborations and user growth as the SUI mainnet launches.