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Master Plan

· 2 min read
Jack Sim aims to build an all-inclusive platform for web3 developers in the next 5 years. The strategy is to start with a genesis product that could solve some client business needs immediately. We identify Aptos chain API service as such a genesis product. If we’re doing well, we are able to grow our product offering horizontally, vertically and scalably given more resources, more experiences and a stronger reputation.


  • Being the primary platform in Aptos ecosystem.
  • Being the primary platform in Move VM ecosystem (including Sui, Linera).
  • Being the primary platform for other public blockchains (e.g., EVM-based ecosystem, Polkadot ecosystem, Cosmos ecosystem).


  • Providing native Chain API.
  • Providing enhanced API (e.g., Coin, Token, NFT Marketplaces, DeFi protocols).
  • Real-time notification and webhook.
  • Data analytics.
  • Client SDK.


  • Single data center, ~10K QPS, ~100TiB data volume
  • Multi data centers, ~1M QPS, 10PiB data volume
  • Planet scale



Launch MVP: Aptos chain API services.


Launch Enhanced API services: supporting Coin (ERC-20) and Token (aka ERC-721). Launch SDK.


Improve Enhanced API services: supporting more on-chain protocols. Expand chain API services to Sui.


Launch real-time notification and webhook. Expand enhanced API services to Sui.


Launch data analytics. Expand infrastructure geographically.

Beyond 2023

Our journey is just 1% finished, and we are looking forward to keep building with you!